Don’t Forget the Radiator!

by Joe Ferguson on December 27, 2012

One of the most basic aspects of car care can sometimes go widely overlooked. Most drivers have no problem remembering to get their oil changed, but radiator maintenance is just as important to your car’s health.

For the most part, radiator maintenance is all about the fluids. These fluids are essential to keep your car from overheating and running at peak performance levels. Here’s a quick list to consider when thinking about the next time you take your car into a trusted auto shop for a tune-up.

Radiator Checklist

  • Coolant should be replaced every year; antifreeze doesn’t just keep your car running in drastic temperatures, it can also help ward of the dangers of rust ravaging your car from the inside
  • Radiator should be flushed and refilled every one to two years to keep your cooling system running at optimum capacity
  • Flushing your radiator removes any dangerous buildup that can collect and keep your cooling system from malfunctioning later on down the road. It can also save you from any expensive repairs caused by car care negligence
  •  If you flush the fluid from the radiator, you’ll have to get it refilled; pretty basic concept

It’s important to remember to keep your radiator’s health in order, along with other important aspects of car maintenance like oil changes and basic tire care.

Making radiator maintenance part of your car care repertoire will ensure that your vehicle has a long, happy life. If you do find yourself singing the “Radiator Blues”, your local radiator specialist should be able to remedy the issue and get you and your ride singing in perfect harmony once again.

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