The 2013 RAV4: A Redesigned Original

by Nate Torvik on December 13, 2012

Dealers, manufacturers, and car aficionados flocked to the recent Los Angeles Auto Show to catch up on all things automotive. This year all eyes were focused on the debuts for new models and lineups for automotive companies around the world. One debut took the industry by storm: that of the all-new, redesigned Toyota RAV4.

When the RAV4 was first produced way back in 1995 (makes you feel a little older now doesn’t it?), it was a revolutionary vehicle. Never before had an automaker taken the spacious, rugged-feeling designs of an SUV and combined them with the performance and handling capabilities of a coupe or sedan. Since then, however, many players have made the market for the crossover SUV crowded, pushing the RAV4 further and further down the totem pole.

With this latest redesign from the Toyota family, the RAV4 has once again become the revolutionary, groundbreaking vehicle it was created to be. A much sleeker, more sophisticated exterior design replaces a boxy, outdated style, and a more spacious interior gives passengers and drivers alike a more comfortable ride every time. Better fuel efficiency, all-wheel drive capability, and an all-new liftgate give the RAV4 a fighting chance in the crossover segment.

The RAV4 has been a great success all of these years since its release, but Toyota is hoping for more. Chances are high that this new design and capability will give the RAV4 the boost it needs to retake the top spot in the crossover SUV segment. Only time will tell, but one thing is for sure: the RAV4 is going to be a success right now.

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