Mercedes Hits New High for November

by Nate Torvik on December 12, 2012

Continuing its run toward the title of “Best-Selling Luxury Automotive Brand in the U.S.,” Mercedes-Benz USA once again reported record sales numbers, this time for the month of November. With sales numbers for the brand reaching over 30,000, Mercedes was up 13.1% this year compared to November’s numbers from last year, according to the USA Today, and is continuing to build its lead in the U.S. luxury automotive industry.

By no surprise, the C-Class was the leader in units sold for the month with 8,585. The affordable yet stylish C-Class provides fantastic quality and comfort synonymous with Mercedes-Benz at a price that many customers can afford. That would also explain why it is the leader in sales for the year at more than 70,000 vehicles sold.

After the recent tragic events on the east coast due to Hurricane Sandy, it was speculated that the luxury automaker would have some trouble meeting its goals, especially since company headquarters are located in Montvale, New Jersey. However, Mercedes emerged even stronger, helping its customers and all those impacted by the storms by donating $1 million in relief. Some dealerships have also offered financial incentives to repeat customers whose vehicles were lost or damaged.

Every year, the race for the crown in the luxury automotive industry comes down to the wire. Last year, BMW was able to edge out the competition to take the top spot in the U.S. market. This year, Mercedes has been in the lead while BMW has attempted to play catch up. This year will set a new standard for the company in terms of sales and growth and place it atop the U.S. luxury market. As if Mercedes hasn’t won enough accolades for its outstanding new lineup of vehicles, this honor will be the icing on the cake come January 2013.

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