Keyless Entry: Trading Possible Theft for Convenience?

by Joe Ferguson on December 12, 2012

Modern technology just keeps getting more convenient. Checking email, taking pictures, surfing the Internet, and making a phone call can all be done from the same wireless device. Even your car can be unlocked and started by the push of an outside button.

Does all of this convenience come at a high price, though? Being able to just push a button to start your car is incredibly simple and conserves the small amount of time it takes to pull the key out of a pocket and place it into the ignition. The problem is, if it’s so simple for you to start your car by button, what’s to stop someone else from using that same technology to steal your vehicle?

Hackers and crooks will find a way to exploit an electronic weakness in just about any device – including your keyless entry or ignition fob. While this may be an extreme case of technology-powered thievery, last year Swiss scientists found the criminal prospect to be a possibility.

By using two antennae, would-be car thieves could re-transmit the signal sent from your keys to your car and use said signal to “trick” the car into unlocking, making for an easy getaway.

As technology becomes more advanced, options like turning off the wireless lock/ignition and more sophisticated signals make this less of a threat. Still, it’s imperative to examine your surroundings when leaving your car unattended to make sure no nefarious characters are watching or following you too closely.

Just being aware of your environment could mean the difference between pressing your ignition button and hearing the gentle hum of your car’s engine, or silence. There’s no reason to let criminals disrupt your chance at enjoying the convenience of wireless entry and ignition. As technology advances, so do safeguards against thievery, and having a reputable auto locksmith install keyless entry to your used car is a great way to increase your used car value.

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