It’s All in the Details

by Joe Ferguson on December 5, 2012

Every car owner wants to ensure that their vehicle is in tip-top working condition. All of the different components warrant their own special brand of TLC. The usual focus lies heavily on parts that can cause immediate harm and damage to you and your car. It is extremely important to take care of those aspects first, but in the wake of all that maintenance, sometimes the cleanliness of your car’s interior and exterior can go by the wayside.

Having your vehicle detailed at an auto shop, while not as important as having a safely running transmission, is a very important aspect of preserving your car’s longevity. If your car is brand new, then you’ll want to start taking care of the interior and exterior now, because one day you may want to sell it.

Dust and dirt are absolutely everywhere. No matter how many times you run a garden hose over your car, you’ll never be able to keep foreign dirt particles off like a seasoned auto detailer will be able to do. Exterior detailing consists of three steps.

  • Cleaning: Dirt and grime is removed completely with chemicals and clay, a task that just water alone won’t be able to accomplish.
  • Polishing: This step consists of using polishes, either with machinery or by hand, that remove minor imperfections (scrapes, scratches, oxidation) from the car’s paint surface
  • Protecting: This is the big step that keeps your car’s value in check. Wax is used to seal out dirt and other damaging particles while sealing in your car’s brilliant shine.

The exterior isn’t the only part of your vehicle that may be in need of some cosmetic assistance. If you don’t take care of your automobile’s interior, it could seriously diminish your chances of reselling in the future. Pets, children, and accidental spills are just a few examples of the many different potential threats to your car’s interior.

Spots and stains don’t only cause the inside of your ride to look shabby; they can greatly affect the smell. A thorough interior detailing can greatly cut down on the risk of a stinky car ride. Vacuuming, steaming, and cleaning of literally every crevice in the car’s passenger area and trunk can make a world of difference.

You and your car share a special friendship. If it could, your car wouldn’t let you walk out of the house not looking your best, so make sure you treat your ride with the same respect and keep it looking pristine.  Getting your car’s interior and exterior detailed is not just beneficial for you and your passengers’ noses or eyes, but also for your used car value.

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