Care for Your Tires: They’re Your Car’s Feet!

by Joe Ferguson on December 3, 2012

Drivers spend a lot of time focusing on oil changes, engine maintenance, and other essentials of car care. However, it seems that one of the most basic elements of a vehicle’s well-being can easily go overlooked – the tires.

In one degree, this makes sense. As long as your car is moving from place to place without crashing to the ground, the tires seem fine. How often do you look at your feet while walking to ensure they’re in working order?

Overlooking the maintenance of your car tires can lead to bigger issues down the road, however. It’s important to make sure even the most elementary details are checked every so often or it could mean danger for you and your beloved passengers.

  • Inspect the tread on your tires. Be sure that they’re not showing signs of extreme damage or wear. This is especially important before long trips.
  • Verify the alignment. Tire alignment is another important factor for your car’s health. Unaligned tires can lead to uneven wearing, which can lead to accidents and even more trouble.
  • Check the air pressure in all of your tires and ensure that they aren’t on the brink of deflating or exploding. This may seem obvious, but if it’s been awhile since you’ve done so, you’ll be thankful to find any issues before they become bigger problems in the future.
  • Know that you have what you need to repair a flat or damaged tire on the road. Make sure to have your car jack, tire iron, or whatever device you need to fix your car to get back on the pavement. When checking the condition of the tires on your car, don’t neglect to check the spare.

Caring for the tires on your car may not be the most exciting of maintenance practices, but it’s essential for safe travel. Don’t overlook or neglect your tires, they touch the pavement so you don’t have to.

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