Okay, It’s Time to Sell Your Junk Car

by Joe Ferguson on November 27, 2012

A bond is built between car and driver, making it hard to say goodbye to a vehicle you’ve been tooling around in for years. You nourish it, keep it maintained, and show it off around town. However, sometimes all the TLC in the world won’t bring your junk car back to life and it’s time to let go.

There are plenty of reasons to get rid of a car that no longer serves a purpose besides being a very large and potentially dangerous lawn ornament.

An old junk car could have harmful chemicals seeping from inside its parts and into your lawn’s topsoil. This could not only damage your yard for future gardening or grass-growing endeavors, but it could also bring down your property value if the area your old car occupies produces a dead spot in your lawn.

Your neighborhood or community may take offense to your keeping an immobile car on your lawn or on the street in front of your home. Some communities have rules against storing the corpse of a car in plain sight. The fear is that the defunct vehicle may not just bring down your property value but that of the neighborhood as a whole.

You may want to try and dispose of the car on your own by attempting to sell it outright, fresh off the lawn. This is definitely possible but could be rather time consuming. The longer it takes, the more you wear down on your neighbors’ patience.

If you want to get rid of your vehicle, you can actually make a decent amount of cash by selling it to a junk car buyer. These groups specialize in buying defunct or damaged cars and give you cash to put towards your next ride or another worthy hobby. Perhaps you could use the money to fix up that patch of lawn your old rusty shell-of-a-car used to occupy.

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