Toyota Safety, Meet the Future

by Nate Torvik on November 22, 2012

When you imagine cars of the future, what do you see? In my head we’re flying around like the Jetsons, hovering down the street and to work, or being chauffeured around town by our very own robotic driver. However, to get to these far off places in vehicles that are merely figments of our imagination, we are going to have to start small, and we are all going to have to live that long. Luckily, Toyota is in the process of creating some of the most innovative safety technology the automotive world has ever seen. No, they haven’t figured out how to make cars fly yet, but they have figured out how to make cars communicate with each other, sense objects and incidents before they happen, and even stop us at red lights.

The new technology being studied and tested and the Intelligent Transport System is groundbreaking to say the least. With a series of sensors and alerts, these new technologies can prevent a driver from running through a red light, running into a pedestrian that they didn’t see, or having accidents with oncoming vehicles. Technology is even in the works that can effectively apply brakes (because often driver’s don’t brake hard enough) to prevent more severe accidents.

It is not certain when or in which vehicles these technologies will present themselves, but estimates right now are as early as 2014. Much emphasis is being placed on the advancement of safety technology throughout the automotive industry, and the first to develop such novel ideas will be at least one step ahead of the rest of the competition. Accident-free vehicles are appealing to every driving demographic in the world, so it is clearly a hot-button topic.

A company like Toyota that has such a large global impact will clearly have more of an effect on drivers worldwide, which is why they are tackling these issues early. New technologies like these and the continued research and development by globally influential companies like Toyota will drive everyone in the industry to design and implement more advanced safety features. A trend is starting, and it is really no wonder why Toyota is at the forefront.

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