Sideways Forward Mercedes-Benz Mind-Blowing Ads

by Nate Torvik on November 8, 2012

To say that becoming successful in the advertising world is easy is a gross understatement. Not gross in a disgusting sense, but more of “Wow, that was really, really understated.” One of the more popular shows on television today, Mad Men, portrays the lives of characters that work in a successful ad agency and spotlights all of the hurdles and challenges they must overcome to find their niche in the wide world of advertising. One company that has learned how to win in the advertising world is Mercedes-Benz. Over the years, Mercedes has been able to manipulate the automotive advertising market at their will, providing some of the best slogans, catch phrases, and images ever seen in the industry. Well, they’ve done it again with their latest ad series: images that face sideways and to the front, but sideways and forward.

Did that sentence confuse you too? Just look at the images, and you’ll understand exactly what I mean. This latest campaign of ads for Mercedes Blind Spot Assist technology comes with many accolades, including a Gold Lion at the Cannes Advertising Festival and a first place ribbon from the Red Dot Awards. The ads feature a guy looking forward, but looking to the side. The confusion is endless, as I constantly look to one part, and then to the other, then back to the first, and so on. It is almost like those silhouettes in which you might see one thing, but you might see the other thing, and no one is ever right or wrong. The slogan, “Look to the side without looking to the side,” accompanies the pictures and almost gives you an explanation of what you are looking at, but not quite.

These ads are just one more way in which Mercedes is proving that they are the automotive brand to beat. Yes, these ads look very strange, but strange is intriguing and compelling to the masses. Every new lineup for Mercedes models comes with some sort of new technology or groundbreaking design, so the cycle never ends. What will they think of next?

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