A Christian Tacoma

by Nate Torvik on November 8, 2012

One of the most popular pickup trucks in America has a fan—who happens to be one of the most popular actors in Hollywood right now. That’s right, ladies and gentlemen, Christian Bale drives a Toyota Tacoma! While many celebrities drive different Toyota models, recently most of the publicity has gone to the increasingly popular Prius family of hybrid vehicles. Not today, Prius! The renowned actor who is now most famous for his role as the stunning playboy Batman doesn’t just drive around in tricked out military vehicles and sideways rolling motorcycles.

Yes, he also owns a BMW 7-series, but when he is feeling like the rugged, normal guy that he is, his vehicle of choice is a TRD Tacoma.  The 38 year old from Wales has made quite the name for himself over the last decade in the film industry, winning an Oscar for his performance in the movie The Fighter and winning the hearts and minds of millions upon millions of fans.

The Tacoma has a pretty large fan base of its own as the best-selling compact pickup truck in the U.S. With a clean, classic style and the durability and quality that have become synonymous with the name Toyota, the Tacoma and Bale are a match made in heaven, or Gotham depending on what you’re into. Sure, maybe the Tacoma will never be a star in an epic series of movies like Bale has been in Batman, but when it comes to stars of the automotive industry, the Tacoma outshines the rest.

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