Nothing But a GL-Class Thing

by Nate Torvik on November 2, 2012

Have you ever received a T-shirt that says “Father of the Year,” or perhaps a coffee mug reading “Grandmother of the Year”? How about “World’s Greatest Aunt” or even “Almighty Master of the Universe”? Okay, the last one may just be what I make my friends call me, but I digress. Although these titles make us feel pretty good when we see them, especially that last one, they are not really based on any sort of merit system. Yes, you earned these titles by becoming the favorite of a son, daughter, friend, or relative, but no governing body decreed that you were the almighty master of the universe. The same can’t be said about the recent title that was granted to the 2013 GL-Class from Mercedes-Benz: the 2013 Motor Trend SUV of the year.

Motor Trend is one of the more influential automotive resources out there in the world today. It is a highly respected organization and is considered by many to be an authority on the automotive industry. Winning the SUV of the year from Motor Trend crown twice for one vehicle puts you in elite company.

The all-new GL-Class from Mercedes repeated as SUV of the year this year after winning the title for the first time in 2007. Although some may see the GL-Class as overpriced, when compared to other models in its segment (the Cadillac Escalade, Infiniti QX56, Lexus LX, and the Audi Q7), it is very comparable in price.

Combine a luxurious design interior and comfortable and spacious capacity for seven passengers with the latest in Mercedes technology and a superior, unmatched driving experience, and you get one of the most advanced SUVs the market has ever seen. A suspension that provides a cloudlike ride, an engine that outputs power and strength on and off-road, and multiple engine options don’t just give drivers another full-size SUV to ride in, but an out-of-the-world euphoric experience.

There is no aspect of this vehicle that disappoints, and looking past the price tag (which is still on par with the other vehicles in direct competition) gives you a rightfully elected SUV of the year. Mercedes is now tied for the most SUV of the year awards from Motor Trend at two. Will next year bring a third? There is no telling what the future will hold for next year’s SUV of the year winner, but one thing is for sure: Mercedes and the GL-Class will be right near the top.

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