The Greatest Race Car of All Time

by Nate Torvik on October 26, 2012

Racing cars have been around since the early 1900s, when the car was still in its infancy, and so were my grandparents. Long gone are the days of milkmen, telegraphs, and giant sinking ships (for the most part), but the history and legend of race cars lives on. Along with the invention of the car by Mercedes-Benz came the expectation for Mercedes to be the leader of the automotive pack for years—and that is precisely what they have done. Although they have manufactured many more powerful cars, street legal and otherwise, there are some innovations that just seem to be leaps and bounds ahead of their time. That is why the 1955 300 SLR Racer is the greatest race car of all time.

300 SLR RacerYes, I did say 1955. Quick math reveals that this was just more than 50 years ago. However, when comparing the automobile with what was on the track at the time, there was no competition. The first car to utilize air brakes and a tubular aluminum frame, the 300 SLR from Mercedes, based off of the 300 SL Gullwing, was in it to win it. Driving its way to a plethora of victories in 1955, including the Mille Miglia with arguably the greatest driver of all time, Stirling Moss, this racer had the best in design and ingenuity from a brand that practically invented the words.

This powerful, sleek, and classic piece of Mercedes history will live in the annals of racing as the greatest race car ever designed, and although perhaps there are cars today with more power, aerodynamics, and craftsmanship, technology then compared to technology now is incomparable. What Mercedes was able to accomplish in 1955 with the predecessor of the modern SL-Class is unmatched by any racing car today.

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