A Best-Selling History

by Nate Torvik on October 26, 2012

It’s true that the Toyota Camry is America’s best-selling vehicle. This mid-sized sedan has had quite the impact on the American automotive industry, setting the bar year after year for other companies. Without drastic stylistic changes or performance enhancements, the Camry has managed to retain customer loyalty throughout its history. Speaking of history, the saga behind this now legendary vehicle dates back to 1980. I bet you never thought anyone would call the Camry legendary, did you?

1984 Toyota CamryOriginally designed as a cousin to the Toyota Celica, which did not have a sedan body style at the time, the Camry became its own model in 1982. Following trends of the time in the industry, the Camry was boxy, but that is what people found appealing. Leg warmers, big hair, parachute pants, Queen, and boxy cars. What the Camry lacked in flair, however, it made up in durability, quality, and performance. In direct competition with the Honda Accord, these cars quickly became staples in the United States.

Over time, the Camry became less boxy and more spacious, but maintained the same level of quality and performance year after year. More trim levels were introduced, more body styles were designed, and newer technologies were installed, but the same message rang true with each new line of Toyota models: reliability, excellence, and class for every customer.

Today, the Camry is, yes, the best-selling car in America, and it seems that it will retain that title for some time. There is no doubt that each year, the competition tries to replicate the kind of success and loyalty that the Camry has engendered. However, Toyota has it down to a simple science. You don’t mess with a good thing, especially a best-selling good thing.

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