An AMG Anniversary

by Nate Torvik on October 17, 2012

Not one to let an important event go by unnoticed, Mercedes-Benz is celebrating the 45-year anniversary of the AMG series of high-performance vehicles with the release of some new, highly-sought after models. The latest from this exclusive group of vehicles comes for those Mercedes fans who want a piece of Mercedes racing history. The SLS AMG GT3 “45th Anniversary” edition is one of the most elite vehicles of this storied series to be built. Hand-built and heaven-sent, only five (no, that is not a typo) of these beautiful vehicles will be built to celebrate this historic anniversary.

SLS AMG GT3 45th AnniversaryImmediately, the most noticeable aspect of this rarest of rare Mercedes racing vehicles is the designo magno graphite matte paint finish, because grey just isn’t a very exciting sounding color. Swathing the entire exterior, this unique color even extends onto the lightweight alloy wheels and the steel roll cage that frames the interior. Oozing with style and class, this race car, which is not anywhere near street legal, will be the envy of many a Mercedes collector.

The signature gullwing doors open up to an interior featuring a roll cage and two carbon fiber racing seats for you and your favorite passenger. The rest of the interior features a sea of carbon fiber with splashes of silver highlighting the steering wheel and the seat belts.

A 6.2L V8 engine that produces an enormous amount of horsepower makes this vehicle a true race car collector’s dream. For the Mercedes-Benz aficionado, this car will come at no small cost, at around $575,000 according to a release from Daimler. With just five of these works of Mercedes art being made, the SLS AMG GT3 “45th Anniversary” edition will come and go rather quickly, no matter what the cost. Those out there that have followed AMG through its development into one of the most respected performance-engineering companies for automobiles know that this vehicle will be worth every penny.

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