Rolling the DICE

by Nate Torvik on October 12, 2012

The age of technology continues to push ahead, and there seems to be no end to the advancement. New developments every day make once impossible tasks possible, increase output tenfold, or help us get through the daily grind. With all of this progression, our vehicles have followed suit, bringing innovative safety features, interactive displays, and better performance than ever imagined. All of these advancements are incredible, but what is next? How about a vehicle that can interact and respond to the movement of your hand?

That’s right. Mercedes-Benz has been developing an interactive vehicle system that recognizes and uses the motions of a driver’s hand to create a virtual dashboard of interaction. Named the Dynamic and Intuitive Control Experience (DICE) system, interaction between a driver and his or her Mercedes model has never been so … beautiful. Yes, I just called an automobile technological system beautiful. I didn’t say I had a crush on it—although after seeing what this system could potentially be capable of, I couldn’t blame you if you did.

The DICE system transforms your windshield into a virtual display of social media, traffic information, and countless other kinds of contextual information from your surroundings. In one example, Mercedes demonstrates a driver “clicking” on a nearby bridge, only to have the windshield display information about the bridge for the driver to see. You can even receive updates from your friends through your social networks displayed in an easily accessible location, all with the wave of your hand.

Pointing, waving, pressing—all of these simple hand gestures can help you make a reservation at the nearest five-star restaurant or check in on your friend driving to meet you. If you’re thinking that this sounds awfully distracting for the driver, remember we’re talking about Mercedes-Benz technology. I wouldn’t worry much about it. If there is anything that Mercedes does better than other car brands, it is safety. The development of anti-lock brakes, the utilization of more realistic crash-test scenarios, and even seat belts with airbags in them are all Mercedes innovations.

It will be many years before the initial phases of this system begins to take shape, but with the continual advancements from the ingenious engineers at Mercedes, future expectations are limitless. By the time this technology is perfected, our cars may even be driving themselves! I can’t wait. Watch a video of the DICE system here.

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