Driving into the Future of Alternative Fuel

by Nate Torvik on October 10, 2012

With the automotive industry focusing much of their funding and energy on ways to improve alternative fuel systems, car manufacturers often try to force a new vehicle through the pipeline faster than they should. Many companies attempt to develop new hybrid vehicles simply by setting an electric motor next to a gas-powered motor. Mercedes-Benz, however, has found a way to perfect the art of creating a hybrid—one with its patented BlueTEC diesel technology included.

The newest member of the E-Class family, the 2013 E300 BlueTEC HYBRID has broken new ground regarding hybrid vehicle capability. The E300 has shattered the distance barrier of previous hybrid vehicles. The first true test for this BlueTEC HYBRID was an 830-mile, two-day drive in real-world conditions. This innovative new model traveled through rain, wind, traffic, and other obstacles that regular people deal with every day. Throughout the trip, the E300 achieved an astounding average of 54 mpg US (67 mpg UK) and still had one-quarter tank of fuel left! Taking into account the remaining fuel, the vehicle could have ranged more than an astronomical 1,100 miles on just one tank.

Calling this an amazing feat of automobile engineering would be a severe understatement. Mercedes already impressive four-cylinder BlueTEC diesel engine combines with an electric motor to produce 553 lb-ft of torque and generates enough power to accelerate from 0-60 in slightly more than seven seconds. Not only does the E300 BlueTEC HYBRID deliver superior fuel efficiency, but its performance is also second to none.

The E-Class has always been a leader in the luxury sedan market, and Mercedes continues to push the envelope with the new E300 BlueTEC HYBRID. Currently, this vehicle is available only in Europe, but continued advancements from Mercedes-Benz in the alternative fuel segment will help generate interest stateside. With the new E300 leading the way, the sky is the limit for Mercedes and the world of alternative fuel.

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