The Power of Natural Gas

by Nate Torvik on September 25, 2012

Since the invention of the car, the way that the world works has changed. In the past few decades, automotive companies have clamored to find new ways to alternatively power their vehicles due to rising costs for gasoline and calls to better protect our environment. Alternative fuel sources, such as solar power, hydrogen, electric batteries, diesel fuel, and ethanol, have been explored, researched, experimented with, and tested for years. With the ever-changing world in which we live, there has become yet another sought-after alternative fuel source: natural gas.

Mercedes-Benz has always been a leader in innovation in the automotive industry, from the invention of the first car, to anti-lock brakes, to an air bag in a seat belt (aptly named the Beltbag), and now to a new era in alternative fuel. Mercedes has very recently announced a new take on its already popular B-Class vehicles—a model that runs on natural gas. The Mercedes B 200 Natural Gas Drive (NGD) is one more way that Mercedes is leading the competition. These new alternative fuel options are also friendly to the environment and the budgets of Mercedes customers.

Although nearly identical to the current B 200 model that Mercedes-Benz sells in Europe in style and design, the B 200 NGD will have a few new model-specific emblems, LED-daytime running lights, and a newly developed fuel system that can hold up to 33 gallons. Dubbed the “Energy Space” module, the fuel storage system contains three total fuel tanks, with one large tank and two smaller tanks. By distributing the fuel over multiple tanks, the vehicle is able to hold all 33 gallons without giving up any interior space for passengers or storage.

When running on natural gas, this version of the Mercedes B200 will cost about 50% less to power than the gasoline model. The natural gas engine also produces substantially cleaner emissions that its relatives in the Mercedes B-Class. These characteristics protect the environment and your wallet, two very important qualities in a lot of vehicles on the market today.

Debuting at the Paris Motor Show from September 29 through October 14, this all-new model will hit the roads of Europe with force. It is not certain when or if this novel vehicle will make its way to the United States, but it can be certain that this is just another step in the already rich history of Mercedes-Benz. Perhaps next will be an S-Class model that can double as a hovercraft, or a G-Class that can drive under water. Whatever the next best thing in the automotive world may be, you can be certain that Mercedes-Benz will be there leading the pack on into the future.

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