Prestige Scion Accepting Orders for the Sporty, Innovative Scion FR-S

by Nate Torvik on September 24, 2012

PRWeb: Prestige Scion Accepting Orders for the Sporty, Innovative Scion FR-S

In an age where technology has provided car owners with an easier, yet more boring driving experience, Scion has stepped out from behind the curtain to give some of the control and excitement back to those drivers who are daring enough to take it. Prestige Scion in Ramsey, New Jersey is accepting customer orders for a new, exhilarating car-driving experience in the form of the 2013 Scion FR-S.

Ramsey, NJ (PRWEB) September 20, 2012

Prestige Scion is now offering test drives and taking orders for the new FR-S, one of the most exciting new vehicles in recent memory. This new sports car is a fresh way to experience modern driving. Today, many vehicles are made to cater to those who desire fancy gadgets and over-the-top infotainment rather than peak driving performance. The FR-S was dreamed up to provide drivers with an invigorating feeling, instead of just buttons to push. As Akio Toyoda, the president of Scion’s parent company Toyota, asked in an article on, “Where is the passion in our lineup? I want to build a sports car.” Enter the FR-S.

A model that harkens back to the Toyota Celica model that was discontinued in 2006, the Scion FR-S has the kind of sleek, aggressive style that car buyers would expect from a sports car. Fortunately, the FR-S does not forget about the concerns of the modern driver: fuel efficiency, affordability, and fun. At a base price under $25,000, the FR-S provides customers with a chance to own a high-performance, high-energy sports car comparable to many other higher-priced models on the market, yet at an economical price to match the budgets of the masses.

“The FR-S gives our customers a new and original car to try out that’s like nothing they have ever seen before,” said Steve Reedy, General Sales Manager at Prestige Scion. “Scion is breaking new ground for sports cars, and this is an exciting vehicle for all of us.”

No, the FR-S does not have a big, touch screen navigation menu or fancy gadgets to enhance driver entertainment inside the vehicle. What the FR-S does have is a four-cylinder “boxer” engine that produces 200 hp. That might sound small, but this new age sports car can go from 0-60 in 6.2 seconds. Scion gives those fortunate enough to own one of these sports cars a simple yet incomparable experience with no games and no distractions – just a driver and a manual transmission with clear, blue skies and beautiful, black asphalt.

“The FR-S is our hottest product; it’s flying off the shelves at Prestige Scion,” stated Reedy. “Customers get real value for their money, and that’s why it’s selling so well. It’s a fun, feel-good car for this economy.”

At Prestige Scion, every customer experience and interaction is of the utmost importance. Always striving to deliver a unique customer experience, Prestige Scion and Toyota are ready to help customers find the antidote to dull, boring drives with the new 2013 Scion FR-S. Those interested in test driving or ordering a new FR-S or inquiring about other Scion models may contact Prestige Scion at (877) 495-0117.

About Prestige Scion
Prestige Scion is an authorized Scion dealer, located in Ramsey, New Jersey, that provides the surrounding area with quality Scion vehicles, service and parts. Thanks to Prestige Scion’s friendly, knowledgeable staff, thousands of car shoppers have become satisfied Scion owners and lessees. Prestige Scion is owned by Prestige, one of the largest dealership entities in the United States.


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