Hertz Rent2Buy 3-Day Test Drive

by Don Elliott on September 14, 2012

Hertz is primarily in the business of renting cars for business, leisure and for use while the family car is at the auto repair shop. For the most part, all of their cars are acquired new from the manufacturer and stay in rental service for 12 to 18 months. The cars are regularly serviced, visually inspected after every rental, and equipped to be comfortable for all types of renters.

What happens to all those cars when their rental service is ended? A couple of hundred thousand cars each year have to be disposed of by Hertz who uses several ways to sell their cars. The majority of their cars are sold at wholesale auto auctions to car dealers who then offer them up for sale on at their dealerships. Many franchised dealers buy rental cars to supplement their new cars sales as a less expensive alternative to the new car.

Hertz sells some of their cars direct to car dealers. More recently, Hertz and the other rental cars have gotten more aggressive about selling their cars directly to consumers. At Hertz Car Sales, shopping for a car is quick and easy by using their Rent2Buy vehicle purchase program.

All Hertz cars are offered as Certified Pre-Owned vehicles. It is easy for Hertz to certify their cars because they have owned and serviced each of them since they were new cars. Hertz doesn’t negotiate the sales price on their cars, although they do price them lower than the Kelley Blue Book suggest retail price. In reality, their prices are higher than the price that they would sell the same car to a dealer but lower than the dealer’s “asking price” would be. It is possible to buy Hertz rental cars from car dealers at prices similar to Hertz Rent2Buy prices, but only after significant negotiation.

Hertz cars are fully reconditioned and inspected before they are offered for sale. They also provide limited warranties for at least 2 months/2,000 miles. Many of their cars are still under the original manufacturer’s warranty which increases their used car value.

Buying a car using Hertz Rent2Buy or at Hertz Car Sales locations is similar to buying a car from a car dealership. They will take your car in trade, provide special financing and comply with all regulations that cover car dealerships in their various states. At 30 locations around the country, the Hertz Car Sales locations actually look like car dealerships.

Hertz offers one feature that most car dealerships can’t offer—the 3-day test drive called Rent2Buy! Hertz writes a rental agreement at $49 per day for the car that peaks your interest. They pull it from normal rental service to have ready for you to pick up at their car rental location. Drive it on your normal daily drive or take it to your favorite automotive repair technician for an inspection. If your auto repair shop completes a successful inspection, and you decide to buy the car, the rental price is rolled into the purchase price. In many states, you don’t even have to return the car to Hertz. The paperwork can be done from home.

One last thing, Hertz Rent2Buy is only available in 31 states. Check online to confirm if Rent2Buy is available in your state.

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