Toyota’s Edgy Ads

by Nate Torvik on September 13, 2012

Most people enjoy watching Super Bowl commercials more than the game itself. I’m a proud member of that majority. As a matter of fact, I proudly admit to working on the production of “2012 Greatest Super Bowl Commercials” this year as a script coordinator and production assistant. So it goes without saying that I’ll enjoy almost any well-thought-out commercial—sometimes more than the TV program I’m watching.

All of the commercials released this past year have been unique, buzzworthy, and on par with current topics. One of the most talked about commercials during last year’s Super Bowl was Toyota’s Camry commercial. In this spot, Toyota paints the world into a better place, just as the 2012 Camry has been reimagined to be even better. In the Toyota Camry spot, it’s obvious from the cop-to-masseuse reinvention to the DMV lady handing out ice cream cones with a smile that Toyota knows who their target audience is.

The Prius c commercial series starting at the end of 2011 featured the hipster favorite board game, LIFE. This series definitely zeroed in on the Prius c’s target audience of late 20- to 30-somethings who like to stay on top of popular issues like environmental awareness. It was easy to giggle alongside the gaggle of gamers as they drove their miniature Toyota Prius c in between the game board’s plastic buildings.

Toyota quickly moved on to advertise their subsidiary’s offering, the Scion iQ. This commercial featured the spacious 3-to-1 seating configuration of the car by putting hot babes in bikinis inside. The small turning radius was illustrated when these beautiful, bikini-clad girls chose to eat donuts while doing donuts to capture their favorite parking spot in front of a donut shop. Hilariously contradictory with true life, this ad hit perfectly on target with today’s sense of humor.

After watching every commercial with enthusiasm that Toyota has released this past year, I was a little shocked to see the ads for the new Auris making the rounds in the Japanese market. The Auris is the European version of the Toyota Corolla, only in hatchback form. This odd ad features sizzling shots of a beautiful face interspersed with even hotter shots of her backside as she walks toward the beautifully lit Auris. By the time this beautiful woman reaches the car, she has taken her top off … to reveal that this beautiful person is a man!

Despite occasionally treading the line of decency, Toyota knows exactly who their audience is and exactly what topics are important to hit upon. I applaud them for their efforts and obvious successes. Like their commercials, Toyota is bold, youthful, reliable, and current. I look forward to watching whatever future edgy commercials they can think up.

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