Free SiriusXM Radio From Your Car Dealer

by Don Elliott on September 11, 2012

Get a free 3-month trial subscription to Sirius SM satellite radio when you buy a used car with a SiriusXM enabled radio from participating used car dealers. Used car dealers and the used car departments of new car stores have teamed up with SiriusXM to add used car value by pointing out an often-overlooked feature.

Car dealers have to enroll with SiriusXM to be able to make the free trial offer. Some dealers may be hesitant to participate, even though there is no cost to them or their customers, because they have to share their customers purchase information in order to activate the offer. However, over 5,000 dealers have signed on making it possible for SiriusXM to surpass 50 million satellite radio installations.

Dealers receive “90 Days of Dealer Demo Service” to make it possible to show the SiriusXM feature to their customers prior to selling a car. The free offer is worth about $58 to car buyers plus the $15 enrollment fee is waived.

SiriusXM provides access to over 140 channels of commercial-free music, sports, news, talk, weather and entertainment. Premium programming includes “every NFL game, Howard Stern, NASCAR races, Martha Stewart, Oprah Radio, MLB Network Radio and more,” according to the SiriusXM website.

To find out which cars have Sirius XM enabled radios, SiriusXM provides a chart at Look up the vehicle model and year in the chart to determine what type of radio was factory-installed. Most new replacement radios are have Sirius XM capability but may or may not be included in the dealer promotion. Your car dealer will have to check with SiriusXM to assure that the replacement radio is eligible for the promotion.

SiriusXM offers several subscription plans. Sirius Premier is the package being offered by used car dealers. It sells for $17.99 per month. A less inclusive plan is available for $14.49 per month. They also offer SiriusXM Internet Radio for your computer or smartphone. The Sirius All Access package offers every channel on satellite radio plus SiriusXM Internet Radio for $199 per year, a $58 savings versus buying the plans separately.

Choosing to sell a car with the free 3-month trial subscription has been a boost for many car dealers offering the package. It has certainly been a boost for SiriusXM radio usage, providing something extra for consumers who want to maximize used car value when shopping for their next car. If you are selling your car, consider SiriusXM a selling point and promote this feature.

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