DriveScribe Coaches Teens On Safe Driving

by Don Elliott on September 11, 2012

Car accidents are the leading cause of death for teenagers. Teenagers love to communicate with texting. Texting while driving increases the chance of an accident by 23 times. Somebody please figure out a way to keep teenagers from texting while driving!

Will England, CEO of Minneapolis based Drive Power LLC, might be on the right track. His idea is to use the mobile phone and his patent-pending technology to motivate teens to drive more safely by competing with other teens using social media and rewards.

He calls his mobile phone and web application DriveScribe. According to England, “DriveScribe transforms your mobile phone into a personal safe driving coach. Get real-time driving help, reduce distractions, see how you perform and earn rewards for driving safely.”

The DriveScribe technology tracks the driver in real time. The device records the entire trip including routes taken, average speed and speed at any one point, traffic violations and sudden movements of the car. Points are assigned for safe driving and a Safe Driver Score is assigned for good driving performance. Friends and family can compare scores and compete for rewards using the DriveScribe web app. Used car value is increased considerably by adding the driver performance component, the previously missing link when considering the performance of your car.

To make it more interactive, DriveScribe offers “automated, real-time guidance” for the driver, performing like a personal coach. DriveScribe automatically starts when it senses motion and uses Bluetooth pairing to remain active while driving. The driver is alerted about potential traffic regulations and when a violation like speeding or rolling through a stop sign has occurred.

Parents will like that DriveScribe has an optional incoming call and message blocker for Android phones, sending a customizable message to the sender that the receiver is driving. Moreover, parents can monitor every trip, routes taken, and driving habits monitored. The phone will text or email parents when a violation has occurred.

At first look, it would appear that teenage drivers would initially hate this app, finding ways to turn it off to avoid the watchful eyes of their parents. Adding the Safe Driver rewards program adds a social component that might make safer driving a new use for social media, encouraging some teens to compete to be better drivers.

Drive Power LLC is focused on “generating behavioral change around driving.” DriveScribe is their first product; easily scalable to help companies manage their commercial fleets with a large and diverse number of drivers.

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