Aesthetically Pleasing Mercedes

by Nate Torvik on September 7, 2012

You know that Mercedes-Benz is innovative. You know that Mercedes-Benz has been and always will be a leader in the automotive industry. Did you know that Mercedes-Benz is artistic? Yeah, me neither. Mercedes has revealed that its newest sculpture, titled “Aesthetics S,” will debut at the Paris Motor Show at the end of September. The fourth sculpture in a series of Mercedes works of art that emulate and enhance characteristics of its future models is directed at what else, but the new S-Class.

If there has been one class that has forged its way over the years to the front of the pack in the luxury sedan market, it has been the S-Class. The S-Class has been the brightest star in a Mercedes lineup that features as many stars as the Milky Way Galaxy. It is the Sirius, the brightest in our sky, of the Mercedes brand.

Mercedes S-Class“The characteristic lines of the S-Class have always represented the expression of automotive culture, as we understand it,” explains Gorden Wagener, Head of Design at Mercedes-Benz Cars in a release from Daimler. “The new S-Class will continue this tradition and, with its striking lines, will put a face to our design philosophy over the coming years.”

The emphasis of the sculpture is the striking lines, curves, and angles of the new S-Class. Always one of the most timeless designs in the industry, the “Aesthetics S” sculpture is more a relief, showing only the sidewall of the Mercedes S-Class. A sleek, tapering roofline down to the rear end of the vehicle and a perfectly countered base line are the two most striking lines in the sculpture. However, that is all that one really needs to recognize the archetypal design of the Mercedes-Benz S-Class, and just the sidewall has generated more excitement than a 5-year-old getting his first bike on Christmas morning.S-Class

The debut of the sculpture at the Paris Motor Show is highly anticipated. The sculpture will be presented along with an exciting light display and other projections to accompany it, as well as the incorporation of past S-Class models, all presented in three acts. Always one of the more anticipated vehicles for Mercedes-Benz year in and year out, the added hype for this new design will not be lost on any critics, fans, or observers. The other pieces of art in the series have been “Aesthetics No. 1,” “Aesthetics No. 2,” and “Aesthetics 125.” Leading the way into the future yet again for Mercedes-Benz, this all-new S-Class design will continue a rich tradition of being a timeless work of art with four wheels.

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