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by Nate Torvik on September 5, 2012

Connectivity is part of everyday life, and Toyota realizes its importance. Because of this understanding, Toyota now tops the list of automotive VIPs for vehicular technology. One reason for this is because the popular Entune Navigation feature is now included in every Toyota model. This technological gadget is a top-of-the-line feature that no other automotive brand has come close to replicating. With Entune, we can listen to any station we create on Pandora, reserve a table in our favorite restaurant, buy movie tickets, and map out our routes with ease.

It’s evident that Toyota plans to stay on top of the technological curve with the 2014 model year. They’ve applied for a few more patents on what I think are some ingenious ideas that should keep them ahead for years to come. These features include “Intellitouch” and “eBin”.

According to its patent paperwork, Toyota describes “Intellitouch” as an “electronic touch sensitive controllers, sold as an integral part of motor vehicles.” This description could mean many things, like another name for their already-in-use Entune navigation system. But experts think this explanation really means that Toyota has improved upon touch-sensitive dashboards, like the Cadillac Cue’s system. This could mean it becomes even easier and quicker to enter your preferences into navigation. I’ve definitely been frustrated on occasion that the touch sensitivity isn’t on par with what I’ve become used to with my iPad.

A similar pending patent that Toyota claims is the “Reconfigurable Tactile Control Display Systems”, which just sounds like another pretty descriptor for “Intellitouch.” But like with many patents, it’s smart to cover all your bases.

However appropriate, I believe the next patent has been given a very unflattering name—“eBin.” Based on Toyota’s explanation, this compartment is a “storage container for handheld electronic devices, sold as an integral part of motor vehicles; storage containers with built-in inductive battery charges for handheld electronic devices.” This mumbo-jumbo means that the ‘bin’ can wirelessly charge any handheld device, like cell phones, as long as it is inside a special case that assists in charging.

In essence, you can just drop your dead phone into a designated area of your Toyota model and have no worries. Although several other automotive companies are talking about similar capabilities, Toyota seems to be the first in the patent line for this unique and essential feature.

Just these two patents make me more excited to see what special features Toyota will unveil in their 2014 models. The technology imbued into Toyota’s 2013 models is unequaled anywhere else in the automotive industry. And it’s indicative of which part of the market Toyota wants to corner in the future. Make sure you stop by Prestige Toyota to see what modern twists Toyota’s 2013 models incorporate.

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