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by Nate Torvik on August 22, 2012

A few weeks ago, the Toyota Prius was named a favorite car among America’s wealthiest. The article listed popular cars among affluent zip codes, and the Prius was listed in Century City, CA; Ross, CA; Atherton, GA; and Manhattan, NY. This made me think, who are these rich folk driving Prius hybrids around? Would we recognize them?

Turns out we would. Celebrities are known Prius lovers, seeing as the hybrid is environmentally friendly and makes a statement on that front without saying a word. Environmental policy isn’t the only feature that appeals to the rich and famous. They love the technological features like Entune navigation, back-up camera, and auto climate control.

Just going by the aforementioned features, I’m thinking I’d want to own a Prius right about now too. But if you need any more reason to buy a Prius, read on about the top ten Prius-loving celebrities below.

This “Sex in the City” star likes to feel sexy driving around the Big Apple in her Prius. As you can see from the photo, she can fit her children in the roomy back seat. The award-winning Prius has received top marks for its safety and reliability.

Adrien bought his Toyota Prius to enunciate his fictional character from “Entourage.” The Toyota hybrid is known for its “cool factor,” and it’s pretty obvious just how cool it is when you see Mr. Entourage himself behind the steering wheel.

Try to “Curb Your Enthusiasm” when you read that Larry David helps save the environment with his Prius. He originally bought the hybrid to get free entrance to the California carpool lanes, but quickly fell in love with the fuel economy this model supplies.

Comic book heroes have to save the world on a daily basis, and what better way for “Fantastic 4’s” Jessica Alba to do so than drive a Prius? She probably also uses the integrated back-up camera to parallel park into those tight LA spots.

There’s certainly something about Cameron when she sits in the driver’s seat of her beloved 3rd generation Toyota Prius. This “Bad Teacher” glows red hot when steering the agile hybrid, making me want to copy her look immediately by going to the nearest Toyota dealership.

I’m sure he’s not looking to crash weddings anytime soon, but Mr. Wilson could easily do so in this inconspicuous yet sleek Toyota model. Owen’s been known to drive his Prius to set, so I’m curious to know if it will be featured in the newly rumored “Zoolander 2” feature.

She has loved Shakespeare, “Iron Man,” and Finnegan from Dickens’ classic, Great Expectations. Now it is evident that she loves the Toyota Prius, and it’s sure to be a long-lasting love affair. The Prius is known for its high resale value if she happens to want to upgrade in the future.

The Prius highlights this “Pretty Woman’s” beauty as she’s driving along California freeways and cornering narrow Malibu mountain passes. Julia became a noteworthy name when she starred in “Mystic Pizza,” and she’s still turning heads 24 years later.

He’s been known as a smart choice in Hollywood circles for five decades, and it’s partly because he knows what parts work for him as an actor. He also knows what kind of car works for him … the Toyota Prius. The Prius family hybrid has been his go-to vehicle for the past few years and looks to be as long-lasting as his career.

One of the biggest and most prolific character actors of our time, Leonardo DiCaprio has money to spend on whatever vehicle his heart desires. So it speaks volumes that he chooses to drive a Toyota Prius. The Prius has low emissions, reliable test ratings, and modern technological features. Let’s give Leo a round of applause for his great choice in vehicles!

Whether you live in Hollywood or Smalltown, USA, driving a Toyota Prius will make you a shining star in your city. After looking at all the other options on the market today, it’s no wonder why. Toyota models are known for reliability, safety, and 21st-century technology.

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