MacGyver and Mercedes-Benz

by Nate Torvik on August 21, 2012

There are very few things on television that can actually influence me to purchase products on TV. I remember watching the Old Spice Guy (Isaiah Mustafa) in recent commercials, who now has inspired me to rush to the store to purchase the entire line of Old Spice products. The stupidly cute puppy from the Cottonelle commercials makes me want to roll around in a pile of bathroom tissue and snuggle with that ball of fluff.

Now, the bar has risen and MacGyver, a new member of the Mercedes-Benz family, is in a commercial with the new Mercedes-Benz Citan. It’s a good thing that we’re unable to purchase those vehicles in the US, because there’s a good chance that I would take a Swiss Army knife and a roll of duct tape to a Mercedes dealership and attempt to barter for a new Citan.

In the new commercial for Mercedes-Benz, Richard Dean Anderson (MacGyver), is a retired secret agent turned handyman. However, his retirement party doesn’t last long, and before you know it, MacGyver is putting paperclips, string, gum, thumbtacks, wire, cat hair, bleach, and who knows what else together to create a world-saving tool. The old guy still has it, and with his new partner, the Mercedes-Benz Citan, he has even more tools to play with.

As a new Mercedes-Benz model, the Citan is being described as the “the perfect tool for every job” by Mercedes. This small, crafty urban van was created to maneuver quickly and quietly through bustling European streets in the most adverse conditions. Whether you are being tailed by a member of the Evil League of Evil or trying to get to the market down the street, the all-new Citan is the perfect vehicle for any occasion.

MacGyver, a character of legend in American culture, is an iconic representation of the ultimate handyman. The transition to European culture might be a difficult one for our hero MacGyver, as duct tape and paper clips were both invented in the United States. Luckily, the Swiss Army knife was invented a little closer to Germany in central Switzerland. With his chosen combination of tools, MacGyver was able to thwart any plans to cause chaos in the world, and with the Mercedes-Benz Citan, he’s at it again.

A new Mercedes-Benz, the Citan, and its new partner, MacGyver, are hoping to make a splash in the European market. When the Citan is finally unveiled in September at the IAA International Commercial Vehicle Show, the public will see it for the first time. Perhaps one day, America’s handiest man will bring the Citan to our shores. Maybe he could even make one out of rubber bands, paperclips, and a cardboard box.

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