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by Nate Torvik on August 16, 2012

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Heading home from a weekend trip up north for a friend’s wedding, my boyfriend got tired and wanted me to drive his Prius while he napped. Well, I certainly didn’t want to wreck my sweetheart’s “baby,” but after being in the driver’s seat for a few minutes, I warmed up to the feel of the Toyota hybrid engine beneath me.

My beau explained that there were three buttons above the gearshift that’d help me drive. All I had to do was push one; it would show that I chose it in my dash, and it’d then automatically be implemented.  He said I wouldn’t necessarily use all of them on this particular trip, as we were going across the state, but all modes were very useful nonetheless.

The “EV” button was for really short trips to save on gas. I could drive the Toyota Prius in this mode if the battery was fully charged, and it would allow me to go up to a half mile, 25 miles per hour, without using any gas at all. This would be perfect for a short trip to the grocery store and back.

To reduce fuel consumption on longer drives, my partner said to push the “ECO” button. Choosing it allows your Prius hybrid to use the electric motor whenever possible. The gas engine is only used sparingly, like when accelerating, but then quickly and smoothly switches over to the hybrid motor. I’d definitely use this “ECO” button pretty often, if given the chance, because it’d be essential for both driving around town and long road trips alike.

And finally, the most fun button of all … the “POWER” button. This feature is perfect for pushing energy into the gas engine, giving you more acceleration power and extremely great pick-up. After my honey described this mode, I knew I’d have fun using this to command the road on the drive back home.

After getting into the groove of the music while the boyfriend snoozed in the passenger seat, I realized I was tailing the pokey driver ahead of me. The two-lane county roads of New Jersey allow drivers to pass as long as the coast is clear, so that’s exactly what I was determined to do. For what seemed like forever, I dawdled behind the Sunday driver ahead because of annoying hills and cars coming from the opposite direction.

Eventually, I had the opportunity to pass this straggler. Now was the time to use the “POWER”!

I steered the Prius into the oncoming traffic lane, pushed the “POWER” button, and put the pedal to the metal. I was shocked at how quickly I left the loafer in the dust behind my Toyota Prius. It was a rush to have that much authority over my car and the road.

Of course after that exhilarating moment, I wouldn’t pass up on another opportunity to push that “POWER” button again that afternoon. I ended up passing three or four more slow cars on the state roads. And when my significant other and I did make it home, I regretted having to push the “PARK” button and turn off the hybrid.

I certainly can’t wait to get the chance to drive the Prius again, just to try the “ECO” and “EV” modes. And it’s also made me think that maybe my next car should be a Prius.

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