Mercedes vs. BMW: Clash of the Titans

by Nate Torvik on August 10, 2012

Competitions occur nearly everywhere every day, whether between businesses, sports teams, or best friends competing at Madden 2013. Competition drives us to improve ourselves as people, as teams, and as companies, which is why the world continues to advance. Competing for the next big idea, the next incredible invention, the next Super Bowl trophy, or the next fastest mile are just ways in which we are able to grow the world around us.

As you can imagine, this may never be truer than in the automotive industry. When the world has more than one billion vehicles in operation (according to a study done by Ward’s Auto in 2010), it is no wonder that the competition for the next greatest vehicle continues to heat up. That is why Mercedes-Benz and BMW, German neighbors and two of the largest luxury brands in the world, are constantly at odds.

Mercedes-Benz has always been a leader in the automotive industry. Attributed with inventing the first automobile in 1886, they’ve always been a revolutionary trailblazer. Think of them as the Albert Einstein of the automobile, except slightly less unhinged. Since the first car, their subsequent classes, like the C-Class, the S-Class, and the always-salivated-over SLS AMG, have been market leaders. Mercedes-Benz technologies like Anti-Lock Brakes, the world-renowned 4MATIC system, and those white, inflatable balloons called airbags have come to change the entire automotive business. The influence that Mercedes has had on the modern vehicle is incalculable. Mercedes came in second place in 2011 in the luxury car brand segment, but they are sprinting toward the finish line in 2012 faster than Usain Bolt. After all, their slogan is “the best or nothing.”

BMW, on the other hand, has been a sales leader since the development of the 3-series, which has become one of the top selling luxury cars in the world. Car and Driver Magazine has had the BMW 3-series on its list of 10 Best Cars every year since 1992-two whole years before high-school heartthrob and pop icon Justin Bieber was born. BMW may have actually created “the ultimate driving machine,” like their slogan states. They were the best-selling luxury car brand in 2011 with the 3-series leading the way as the best-selling luxury car, according to Motor Trend. The competition in 2012 has been a tight one so far, and BMW is just behind Mercedes-Benz in the race for the best-selling title.

German car manufacturers will always be in competition with each other, and both BMW and Mercedes-Benz will always be near the top. There is no real definitive answer as to which brand is the best, because like all competitions, they continue to push each other to the top of the industry. Many people have their own opinion as to which brand is best, but it’s like comparing Tom Brady and Peyton Manning. They are two fantastic automobile companies, and anyone would be ecstatic to own either. Which would you choose?

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