Is That 4MATIC?

by Nate Torvik on August 3, 2012

Automobile safety and performance are key for any car buyer out on the market today. The best safety features are often associated with some of the top vehicles in the automotive industry, which would explain why Mercedes-Benz is among the leaders in innovation and advancement for the safety of vehicles throughout the world. Although some people may not associate an all-wheel drive (AWD) system with safety because it causes some to take too many risks (trying to drive as fast as possible during a snowstorm because “I have four-wheel drive, don’t worry”), having a top-tier AWD system can be the difference between sliding off the road during a blizzard and making it safely home to your family for dinner.

Mercedes-Benz created its 4MATIC system, a mixture of four-wheel drive and automatic transmission, back in 1985 on the W124 series, now the E-Class. While the original production was able to only separate the front and the rear wheels, there have been multiple upgrades to the system since. However, the message behind the creation of 4MATIC has always been the same: provide every Mercedes-Benz driver with the best safety and technology features that Mercedes can offer.

Today, the 4MATIC system is much more advanced. Regardless of the driving conditions, rain, snow, gravel, or completely dry and paved, the 4MATIC system is ready to act whenever needed. It’s actually able to provide power to whichever wheel has the most traction. If one wheel begins to slip while you are turning a corner, 4MATIC and its many components are able to take power away from the slipping wheel and give more torque to the wheels that are still gripping the road. With this capability, 4MATIC can even adjust to you driving in a high-speed chase, giving you the safety, reliability, and comfort that Mercedes-Benz is known for.

With the 4MATIC system’s ability to make quick adjustments for puddles, patches of ice, rabid squirrels, and those backwoods roads that you’re not sure how you ended up on, you can be prepared for anything that is thrown your way. Lucky for you, this innovative system comes on nearly every Mercedes-Benz model out today, so you don’t have to search high and low for it. Mercedes-Benz has always been there to make available the best technological advancements it can offer, and that becomes no different with the 4MATIC system, today or 30 years ago. Safety is key, and Mercedes is here to help you unlock your safety.

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