You’re in for a Safer Ride

by Nate Torvik on July 27, 2012

Mercedes-Benz, who has always been a leader in innovation and technology in the automotive industry, is at it again. If there are ever any moments when you’re riding around in your Mercedes-Benz and think to yourself, “I wish that this car had a soda machine,” Mercedes probably already thought of that and may even be working on it. For now, their latest creation is the Beltbag.

The Beltbag is the newest safety feature from Mercedes-Benz just adding to the long laundry list of innovations Mercedes has created over many years. The Beltbag is a product that is built into the seat belts of rear passengers, who do not get airbags, placed in between two layers of seat belt fabric.  When crash sensors placed in the front of the vehicle detect severe frontal impact, the Beltbag will inflate. Unlike other airbags that use pyrotechnics to deploy, the Beltbag inflates with gas, preventing any injuries from burns. This gas increases the width of the belt to nearly three times its regular size, increasing the surface area forced upon your body, making it more comfortable and less likely to injure you. That is Mercedes-Benz technology.

“Mercedes-Benz is pursuing its safety initiative in the rear of vehicles with the Beltbag,” Prof. Dr.-Ing. Rodolfo Schöneburg, Head of Passive Safety and Vehicle Functions at Mercedes-Benz Cars, said in a press release from Daimler. “After all, the excellent standard of safety offered by Mercedes-Benz doesn’t just apply to all model series, but to all seats, too.”

The Beltbag was created for newer markets that have a tendency to place more passengers in the rear of the vehicles. Next time you pack the kids into the back seat, you can rely on the added protection from Mercedes. There are no plans as of now to put the Beltbag in the front seats of the new Mercedes vehicles, according to Daimler. The entire system is just an expansion on Mercedes’ already improved back seat safety system, which provides belt tensioners and belt force limiters to help limit injuries and provide maximum protection in an accident.

Mercedes-Benz will most likely introduce the Beltbag in newer models of the luxurious S-Class. The S-Class has been the guinea pig for many of Mercedes’ new advancements and often is the first to receive many of the upgrades Mercedes wants to include throughout its line.

Yes, when I heard the word Beltbag, I immediately associated it with the fanny packs of old, along with parents carrying wailing babies around Disney World. However, do not let it fool you. Mercedes-Benz will always be at the forefront of the newest advancement in the auto industry. Whether it is the soda machine of your dreams or the next generation of safety harnesses to protect our future generations, Mercedes-Benz is ready to produce “The Best or Nothing.”

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