The Last Stand of the Minivan

by Nate Torvik on July 27, 2012

The minivan is not a vehicle that you hear about as often today as you would have 15 years ago. The stigma of the soccer mom, driving her red clunky minivan packed full of eight noisy children with their sticky juice boxes in hand, ready to be dropped off at practice, is just not as prevalent in our society today.

Many automotive brands have even stopped making minivans completely and opted to manufacture the new fad in crossover vehicles. Well, the minivan at Toyota is still going strong, proving that there will always be a vehicle to make the life of the underappreciated and overworked soccer mom whom we all love so much just a little bit easier.  The Toyota Sienna, 2011’s Best Selling Minivan in America, is a minivan made perfectly for the soccer mom. But don’t look now, Toyota has a new target in its sights; the rare and elusive soccer dad.

The new Toyota Sienna slogan, “Daddy Like,” goes where no minivan has dared to go before. Some may call it the great unknown, others may call it the male psyche, and others still may not be able to tell the difference between the two. The minivan will no longer refer to the sad tale of the soccer mom on-the-go.

The 3.5-liter, V-6 engine that has been dead weight in previous van entities now has a surprising kick to it. An EPA-estimate average of 19 mpg city/24 mpg highway is about all you are going to get out of any minivan, but the performance, durability, and quality of this Toyota design helps push it a little bit higher.

As the Most Dependable Minivan Two Years in a Row from J.D. Power and Associates, you can see that the Toyota Sienna is not just about getting you from home to the soccer fields, to the ice cream stand, to the grocery store, back to the fields, and finally home. The Sienna is about getting you to every destination in comfort—and with the peace of mind that your Sienna is trustworthy.

Minivans will always have a place to thrive in the automotive world, whether it is for soccer moms, football dads, geeked-out teens, or children-toting grandparents. The 2012 Sienna has all of the performance and quality that you would associate with Toyota’s well-known sedan, the Camry, but has the added option of fitting an entire little league team inside of it. Moms and dads unite, and keep on driving America’s number one minivan for many years to come. Toyota will never stop improving its vehicles and will always continue moving forward.

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