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by Nate Torvik on July 24, 2012

If you’ve ever wished that your car could warn you when you were about to do something dangerous, your wish has come true. Mercedes-Benz and its Attention Assist technology, released in 2010, are on the leading edge of safety technology in the auto-making industry.

If there is one aspect of driving that causes more accidents than anything else, it is driver drowsiness while on the road. As a matter of fact, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration on, it is estimated that nearly 100,000 crashes each year can be attributed to drowsiness while driving, which results in around 1,550 deaths. Mercedes-Benz has been a leader in innovation since it produced the first car in 1886 and continues to lead the charge today with new Mercedes-Benz technology each year. With Attention Assist and all of the subsequent technology, Mercedes is making safety a priority for all of its drivers.

Attention Assist was created by Mercedes-Benz in 2010 to help stop drivers from drifting off at the wheel. Attention Assist is able to observe driving habits throughout a trip, taking measurements and looking at the driver’s behavior while on the road. If the system senses any dangerous changes in the driving style or the habits of the driver, it will immediately take action. Attention Assist observes 70 different variables over the course of the drive and is able to provide visual and audible alerts when it senses that the driving behavior has gone awry. When your coffee, 5-hour energy or ridiculous amounts of Red Bull fail you while you’re on the road, Attention Assist is there to help.

Even more innovations have taken place in recent years. Another exciting safety system has been placed into many Mercedes-Benz models called Active Lane Keeping Assist (ALKA). ALKA is able to utilize a special camera and watch the markings on the road as you drive. If it senses that you are drifting out of your lane and into another, it will shake your steering wheel, as if you were driving over the rumble strips on the side of the road that make you feel like the world is about to end.

Active Blind Spot Assist (ABSA) is the other technology that has followed suit with Attention Assist. Mercedes engineers designed a sensor that sits on the rear bumper of the vehicle to monitor the surrounding traffic. If it senses a vehicle alongside yours in your blind spot, it will flash a red icon on the side mirror to get your attention. If you turn your signal on to switch lanes, the system will sound and let you know that another vehicle is there.

With all of the new technologies and innovations that are being created to increase the safety of everyone driving down the road, Mercedes-Benz will continue to lead the way with breakthrough after breakthrough. The Assist systems are just the first step into a new era of safety that has us all waiting with baited breath to see what they can come up with next.

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