Mobile Auto Detailing Improves Used Car Value Right At Home

by Don Elliott on July 19, 2012

Those of you who follow this site know that I continually advocate maintenance as the best way to preserve your used car’s value. At the same time, busy lifestyles make it hard to find time for the basics; washing, waxing, scrubbing the carpets, stain protection on the seats, cleaning out the trunk, and degreasing the engine.

Taking your car to the auto detailing shop or a full-service carwash is a good solution, but for many of us it takes too much time. One good alternative is the rapidly growing mobile auto detailing business.

These entrepreneurs have equipped vans and trailers to bring their service to your driveway or place of business. With a water tank, pressure washer, a generator, an array of cleaning tools and chemicals, and a menu of services on board, these professionally trained technicians can improve your ride for less than you might think.

Most mobile auto detailers offer their services from a menu to match your needs. A typical interior and exterior detail averages $75-$100. However, depending on the condition of your car, you could spend considerably more or less to make it look like a new car. Mobile detailers cater to repeat customers, offering packages for regular detailing services.

Typical mobile detailing services include polishing the painted surfaces to remove oxidation that dulls the paint’s finish. Hot water extractors remove dirt and grime from carpets using as little water as possible, Spot cleaners will remove unsightly marks on upholstery and the headliner. Vinyl or leather treatments can be applied as necessary, and wheels and tires are cleaned and dressed for a sharp like-new look.

Savvy mobile detailers have additional services to help make your car look good at a reasonable price. Paintless dent repair, carpet dying, cigarette burn repair, headlight refurbishing, leather and vinyl repair, and odor removal are offered by many mobile detailing services. A few other detailers offer windshield chip repair, wheel refurbishing and window tinting as part of their service.

When shopping for a mobile detailing service, be sure to check their reputation and ask for their garage liability insurance certificate before committing to have any work done. Many mobile detailing services are a growth arm of a fixed location carwash or detailing shop. In other cases, mobile detailing is a second job or a new business for an entrepreneur willing to put in some long hours and hard work.

Whatever service you choose, you’ll appreciate sparking results of a professionally detailed car, and the convenience of having the work done where you live or work.

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