Top Ten Vehicle Makes Chosen by Cheating Spouses

by Don Elliott on June 23, 2012

In a completely unscientific survey done by “infidelity site”, Toyota is the top choice for cheating men. Cheating women, on the other hand, chose Honda.

Ashley Madison, the Canadian-based website whose tagline is “Life is short. Have an affair,” surveyed 2520 men and 1080 women in the United States to find out the car of choice for people having affairs. The dating service for married people found that those having an affair prefer, well, regular cars, the same kind of cars that those of us not having an affair might drive.

The CEO of Ashley Madison, multimillionaire Noel Biderman says, “affluence doesn’t equal adultery.” He goes on to say that infidelity is “a function of discord at home meeting opportunity away from it.”

Here’s the list of the cheater’s choices for new or used car value in an illicit affair:

Men’s Choices

#1 Toyota 20.9%
#2 Ford 12.3%
#3 Chevy 12.2%
#4 Honda 7.1%
#5 BMW 6.4%
#6 Dodge 5.8%
#7 Nissan 4.8%
#8 Jeep 4.8%
#9 GMC 3.2%
#10 Mercedes 2.9%

Women’s Choices

#1 Honda 22.3%
#2 Ford 13.4%
#3 Toyota 10.3%
#4 Chevy 7.3%
#5 Mercedes 6.6%
#6 Nissan 5.6%
#7 Chrysler 4.3%
#8 Dodge 4.2%
#9 BMW 3.9 %
#10 Volkswagen 2.8%

The fantasy of the extra marital affair apparently does not require that your partner drive a fancy car. Interestingly, 29.3% of the people surveyed chose black for the color of their car.

In a recent Twitter posting, Biderman said, “We don’t know what goes on behind closed doors.” That may be true, but for now at least, we know what is parked behind that closed garage door.


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