Car Gifts For Father’s Day

by Don Elliott on May 22, 2012

Speaking as a father with many past Father’s Day gifts still in the closet, I would like to recommend gifts for Dad’s car as something he might really appreciate.

If our family is like so many others, maintaining the car falls on the shoulders of the man of the house. But for many of us, we actually enjoy the responsibility. However, there are things that I would do to our cars, but I choose not to spend the money. I decide instead to spend the extra cash on baseball gloves, landscaping, or manicures for Mom.

So here are a few inside tips on what dad might like for Father’s Day.

Auto Detailing

I am talking about more than taking Dad to the carwash. Auto detailing is a complete refresher inside and out. A good detailing shop will scrub the carpets and mats, clean the seat, apply leather or vinyl treatment, clean the windows inside and out, degrease the engine compartment, vacuum out the trunk, buff and wax the cars finish and treat the tires and wheels. A good auto detailing will make the car look and feel like new for about the same price as a Tommy Bahama shirt or a bonsai tree in a fancy pot.

Paintless Dent Repair

Having dents removed is not nearly so glamorous as auto detailing. However, that dent created when the bikes tipped over in the garage may be more of a sore spot than you can imagine. And, paintless dent repair is less expensive than you might think. Making that ugly dent go away could erase the memory of the accident that caused the problem.

Window Tinting

Adding window tint film will cool the interior of the car, change the look of the car, and add security by making it more difficult for car thieves to get into the car by breaking a window. Check with Dad first, but if he has indicated an interest in getting the windows tinted, a gift certificate to your local auto shop specializing in aftermarket improvements would be a great idea.

Windshield Repair

Did you know that the stone chip or small crack in the windshield could be repaired without replacing the entire windshield glass? Even better, the cost of windshield repair versus replacement might be covered by your car insurance. Windshield repair can be done right in your driveway or in the parking lot at work, making this gift not only convenient but possibly cost next to nothing!

These are things that might improve the family ride for everybody. So think about cars this Father’s Day. These gift ideas will not only bring joy to Dad, but will increase used car value.

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