Car Gifts for the Holidays: Part 2

by Don Elliott on December 21, 2011

The days of giving Dad another tie or a pair of slippers are long gone. He has everything, so what can you do that is unique? Try getting him something for his car. Car gifts can last all year, not just until decorations come down.

On Star FMV – Earlier this year, GM’s OnStar introduced a replacement rear-view mirror that includes the OnStar technology for non-GM vehicles. A word of caution; not all vehicles are able to use OnStar FMV (For My Vehicle.) Best Buy offers a list of compatible vehicles online and an installation special for $274.99. OnStar FMV is available online from several retailers starting at just $199.99 without installation. OnStar FMV includes most of the features of OnStar for GM vehicles including automatic crash response, emergency services, turn-by-turn navigation, roadside assistance, and Bluetooth connections for hands-free calling. Emergency lockout service and theft disablement are not available on the FMV version.

Headlight Upgrade – This is one that you never would have thought of without my help. Did you know that the headlights in your car lose their brightness over time? If your Dad’s car is more than five years old, a headlight upgrade can make a big difference. Car headlights can vary quite a bit, so a visit to your local auto repair parts store is a good first stop. The auto parts technician can tell you how difficult it is to replace the bulbs and which one’s are best. There are often at least three choices for replacement. Some headlights are brighter than others and are priced accordingly.

Full Detail – Serve up a real automotive treat, with a full interior and exterior automotive detailing service. Not only will your Dad appreciate this car gift, but the passengers that ride with him will enjoy it, too. Prices start at about $100 for an interior and exterior cleaning. Consider buying extras like having the carpets and upholstery scrubbed, the paint buffed, or an engine compartment degrease.

Radar Detector – Not everybody needs a radar detector. However, some drivers like to push the limits. If you have one of those on your holiday gift list, there is a wide assortment of radar detecting device options. Prices range from $30 to as much as $1,500 for a built in unit with all the bells and whistles. Santa particularly likes the social networking app available on some Escort and Cobra units. It allows drivers to alert one another of speed traps via their Smartphone.

Ties – If you insist on giving Dad a tie for Christmas, check out the car-themed ties at starting at $29.95.

Whatever car gift you decide to get your Dad, he will appreciate it!

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