Car Gifts for the Holidays

by Don Elliott on December 20, 2011

Don’t forget about car gifts for your friends and relatives this holiday season. From large to small, everybody appreciates a gift that keeps on giving for the entire year. These are just a few of many car gifts that might otherwise be overlooked.

Car Gifts

A New Car – Sure, why not? Well, there is the cost, but everyone remembers the gift of a new car. Tip from Santa; give the car free and clear, not the car and a payment book. One problem is that cars are hard to return. According to, expect to pay $14,589 plus taxes and tag and title fees for a nicely equipped Toyota Yaris. A big red bow will cost an additional $29.99.

Heated Seats – Nobody really appreciates heated seats until cold weather sets in during the holiday season. Aftermarket heated seats for the driver and passenger seats will cost about $300 installed.

Car Wash – Spending money for a car wash can seem extravagant for your own car. However, a car wash coupon book for 6-10 carwashes will last throughout the winter season and help your loved one feel special on a gloomy winter day. You can buy 6 exterior carwashes for $32-60, depending on the extra services included. Time it right, and you might get your own car washed for free as part of the package.

Sirius XM Radio – For anybody who spends time in their car driving long distances, there is nothing like satellite radio to keep you entertained. The service costs $12.95 per month, $38.85 for a three-month subscription, or 142.45 for the whole year. It is a good idea to make sure that the radio in your friend or relative’s car is satellite ready or you will be stuck buying a new radio to go with the satellite radio subscription.

Remote Car Starter – Warming up the car before it is time to go is a great treat that will be appreciated over and over again. Remote car starters can be purchased for about $50 plus installation. Santa suggests that you find a reputable shop and buy something that can be upgraded. There are plenty of choices for upgrading that include features like security systems and Smartphone access.

Extra keys – Yes, there is an inexpensive car gift alternative. Everybody can use an extra key, particularly if it is personalized with a sports team logo, special color, or unique shape. For a simple key with no microchip, duplicate keys start at about $2.95.

Whatever car gift you decide on buying for your loved one, it will surely be one that they will treasure!

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