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by Don Elliott on November 22, 2011

November is the season for new automotive products. Manufacturers and distributors flock to Las Vegas for the SEMA Show, a huge display of new ideas, new techniques, and upgrades for everything that rolls and has an engine. Brand new automotive products are featured in the New Product Showcase. However, walking along the show floor, all 11 miles of it, a car enthusiast can find some automotive products that you might not have seen previously.

Automotive Products

Power Convertible Top for Jeep Wrangler- Guys who drive jeeps usually like to drive with the canvas in the back. When it rains or the cold is too much, snapping up the canvas can take way too long. Roadwire’s “myTop” features a one-touch power top that open in 6 seconds! The myTop jeep feature retails for $3,995.

Truck Bed Air Mattress – Pittman Outdoors’ “Airbedz” is a 12” thick integrated air coil mattress to fit compact and full size pick-up truck beds. Cutouts fit around the tire wells to provide the maximum sleeping space for the outdoorsman in your family who still wants a little comfort. Coming this spring are Airbedz for SUVs. The Airbedz come with a built in rechargeable air pump and wheel well inserts. The inserts make the bed usable even when they aren’t in the truck. The price for a bed that fits into a full sized 8” long truck is only $219.99.

Solar-Powered Roof Panel –SoCool, Inc.’s “Cool Breeze” is a solar-powered air conditioning system that fits into any car like a popup sunroof. Using sunlight for power, the Cool Breeze circulates air through your car while it is parked. Reducing the ambient temperature inside the car saves money on air conditioning costs and decreases the deterioration of interior surfaces. Excess solar power can be stored in the optional battery to power phone chargers, GPS units, and other accessories. Prices vary according to the vehicle.

Plastic Bumper Cover Repair – Torn bumpers and grilles always signal dollar signs. The quick fix used to be replacement of the entire bumper cover plus paint, often costing hundreds to thousands for each bumper. French manufacturer MIX Sarl demonstrated their Magic Stapler plastic welder and stapler. Used in conjunction with MIXPlast epoxy resin, the system provides a way to repair plastic components saving hundreds of dollars versus replacement.

These are just a few of new automotive products featured at the SEMA Show. Car parking sensor systems, airbrush tools, computer measured tire balancers, and hands free communication devices also received plenty of attention. If you can imagine a need for your car, somebody is probably working on automotive products to fulfill that need and increase your used car value.


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