“The Ultimate Drive” Mobile App Connects Drivers and the Driving Experience

by Don Elliott on November 2, 2011

Most of the time, we focus on car products and practices that add used car value to the vehicle in your driveway. Topics include automotive service tips and advice, using auto auctions, determining used car prices, dealing with car dealers, and new car reviews. However, sometimes your used car value can increase from something that isn’t a part of your car.

BMW Group Financial Services has come up with an app, “The Ultimate Drive,” for iOS and Android mobile devices that will improve your driving experience. This free app allows drivers to find the best roads in over 50 countries and to share their experience with other drivers and friends. They call this tool a “social navigation mobile application.”

With over 1 million drivers in their customer base, BMW Group Financial Services is leading the way using technology to interact with their current customers and potential future owners of BMW vehicles.

The Ultimate Drive” is a GPS that uses Google Maps to provide directions between two points. The GPS device will locate your current position, or you can enter in a start point manually. You can choose whether you want directions by car, public transportation, or walking.

The kicker is that you can access your contacts to establish your destination or send an email or text with information about your trip. To see reviews from other users, click on the map or enter a destination. The map will show start and end points with map pins. Tap any route to see if it has been driven and reviewed by other drivers.

To get the most benefit from this app, it is necessary to spend a little time learning how to navigate between the GPS tool and drive reviews. BMW states that it takes just three taps to share a favorite stretch of road with friends and family. On my first try, I wasted a few taps to find my way to the communication windows.

Unlike some other sponsored sites, BMW Group Financial Services offers this product without forcing you to become part of the BMW brand. Sure, there is a link to “BMW News” that offers information on new products and happenings at BMW, but it is an option to check out, not mandatory. After the home page, the familiar BMW logo disappears.

The Ultimate Drive” provides a new way to enjoy your car and share it with others; a really great used car value. And it is free!

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