Lamborghini Aventado Defies Car Value Logic

by Don Elliott on October 11, 2011

Used car values are a matter of perspective. For example, Lamborghini is introducing their new flagship to the United States market. The all-new 2012 Lamborghini Aventado replaces the Murcielago. Murcielago was introduced 10 years ago as Lamborghini’s premier car. The introductory price is a mere $376,000, putting it in a class of its own in the world of ultra exotic cars and way beyond what mere mortals would call a value.

Used 2002 Lamborghini Murcielago cars are being offered for sale on the “Yahoo! Autos” website for approximately $135,000. Doing a little quick math, the 2002 Murcielago depreciated at a rate of $2000 per month. Some cars posted on the site are in excellent condition with only 15,000 miles on them. Excluding maintenance, car insurance, interest on a car loan, and gas (14 MPG using premium fuel), the cost to drive cars like these is $18 per mile driven. Yikes!

Very few people can afford a car like this one. With production estimated to be just 800 cars per year and a total production run of only 4000 units, the market is very limited indeed.

The list of special features of the Aventado is impressive. The 6.5-liter V-12 engine produces 691 horsepower taking the car from 0 to 60 miles per hour in just 2.8 seconds. Top speed is estimated to be 217 miles per hour, but rumor is it will go even faster. The transmission is a 7 speed ISP (Independent Shifting Rod) semi-automatic with a Graziano single clutch gearbox that completes gearshifts in just 50 milliseconds.

The Centro Stile Lamborghini design studio in Sant’Agata Bolognese has been researching carbon fiber reinforced polymer as the structural component for the two-seater cell of the Aventado, just like Formula One cars. On a positive note, the monocoque structure makes the car very light and rigid. Unfortunately, if you wreck the car, the best source for repair is a Boeing aircraft shop.

Lamborghini maintained the upward lifting doors on the Aventado. Following another tradition, the name gets its roots from bullfighting history. In 1993, the bull Aventado gained fame in a violent and bloody duel in Zaragoza, Spain. This earned him the “Trofeo de la Pena La Madronera” for outstanding courage. It also earns this Lamborghini a proper name for its ultra exotic car.

Who would buy a car like this one? Apparently owning one of the finest performance cars in the world is a necessity for some car enthusiasts. The first 18 months of production are sold out.

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