Treat Yourself to a Luxury Car Rental

by Don Elliott on September 27, 2011

Renting a car is one of the best deals out there. Car rental agencies offer $20,000 current model, low mileage, well-equipped cars for as little as $30 per day. The car rental system has been so well refined that some car rental companies’ regular renters simply arrive for their reservation, show their driver’s license, and off they go. Returning the car takes only a few minutes. The car rental agent just needs to enter the mileage driven, fuel level, and do a quick check of the car. Total transaction time to pick up and return the car rental is often under 10 minutes.

Very efficient system, right? Do you ever wish it could be more exciting? Do you long for the open road in a car that is really fun to drive? The good news is that you have some choices. The bad news is it will cost you. How much depends on how generous you are with your personal indulgence!

The major car rental agencies, Hertz/Advantage, Avis/Budget, Enterprise, and Dollar/Thrifty all offer upgrades. Generally they are just bigger cars, all equipped about the same way. However, sometimes these companies offer luxury car rentals, convertibles rentals, muscle car rentals, and even exotic car rentals at reasonable rates considering the purchase price of the cars.

Car rental prices vary by metropolitan area and day of the week. Major cities offer the best selection of luxury car rental and exotic car rental opportunities. For example, today in one market, Avis is offering a Chevy Cobalt for just $33 and an Impala rents for $38. At that same location, a $47,000 Cadillac DTS is available for just $90 per day.

Luxury car rentals at mainstream car rental agencies generally refer to Cadillac and Lincoln Town Cars. Hertz offers their Prestige Collection, Mercedes E Class, Infiniti M35, and Volvo S80 each for around $120 per day. At some locations, Hertz and Avis will rent Chevy Corvettes for as little at $135 per day. That’s a great luxury car rental for that dream ride up the Pacific Coast Highway!

For the truly self-indulgent, there is another level of “treating yourself.” Some private car rental agencies specialize in luxury car rentals that you may not be able to pronounce or spell. In South Florida, Prestige Luxury Auto Rental offers the $350,000 Lamborghini Murcielago for just $2500 per day plus car insurance. In New York City, Gotham Dream Cars offers a three-day rental of an Aston Martin DB9 Volante for just $4000. Check out to find an exotic or luxury car rental agency at your favorite destination.

A quick tip when getting a luxury car rental or exotic car rental—don’t lose the keys! Replacing a lost key will cost more than a roadside visit from the auto locksmith. Some luxury and exotic car keys can cost several hundred to a thousand or more dollars to replace.

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