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by Don Elliott on August 3, 2011

The well-known automotive shopping website has released a free app to give shoppers access while on the road. The iPhone app can be downloaded from the App Store to your iOS4 device (iPhone 3-4G, iPad, or iPod Touch).

Don’t have an Apple Device? No problem. The folks have created a website designed for mobile devices. Add to your favorites for quick access to thousands of new and used cars, vans, and trucks. As you scan the website, you’ll notice that you can get a deal on a car with a great used car values.

Do you have no idea what we’re talking about here? Don’t feel alone. Not everyone is ready to buy a car on a cell. Nowadays you can buy a car on your cell at your kid’s soccer game. The norm had been days of looking for the right car at multiple lots, while avoiding the salesman. Inevitably it was necessary to stop to ask the salesman questions about the new or used car.

The website can answer all the questions a salesman can. has so much faith in their capabilities that they registered their tag line as “The Ultimate Automotive Marketplace.”

Receiving the mobile app is easy. You can start at the website and follow the links to the App Store. You can also go directly to the App Store from your Apple device. In either case, enter “” in the search area. The logo will appear. Click on the word “Free.” It will then be replaced with the word “Install.” Click “Install” and the app will load. That’s it!

Using the app, shoppers are faced with three choices; Find Cars, Find Dealers, and MyAutoTrader. Finding cars involves entering a year range, make, model, price range, and more information. Finding dealers is a similar process. The site will ask if it is okay to use your location. This technology knows where you are to position the search and will locate the car or dealer using an interactive map feature.

Signing up for MyAutoTrader gives you the ability to save searches, be alerted to new inventory, and access your account from any mobile device or computer. The mobile app enables iPhone users who have an auto-focus camera to scan the barcode of a vehicle’s VIN to search for similar cars. If that particular vehicle is listed on, the shopper can view the vehicle’s listing page and save the info in their MyAutoTrader account.

How does it work? Don’t ask me. All I can tell you is there are thousands of new cars , used cars, and certified pre-owned cars and trucks available right now for you to shop from the comfort of your $4.99 folding chair on a soccer field sideline.

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