Buying Hertz Rental Cars: Is It For You?

by Don Elliott on July 19, 2011

Hertz has been in and out of retail car sales several times over the past two decades. As with other car rental companies, their primary business is renting cars. However, rental rates depend largely upon the cost to own and operate their rental fleets. The largest chunk of their expense is the difference between what they pay for new cars and the amount they are able to sell the used cars.

One way to improve the bottom line is offering used car units directly to retail sale. Historically, the majority of Hertz rental cars have been sold to car dealers at wholesale auto auctions. Hertz also sells a large percentage of their used cars directly to car dealers using online solutions to manage the transaction. As a consumer, buying a car from Hertz is similar to car dealers buying their cars online. However, there are some added benefits the consumer receives to accommodate the retail transaction.

The first step is to go to the Hertz Car Sales website. If you know what you are looking for online, you can search for it by make, model, body type, or price range. If you don’t know exactly which car make or model you want, the “search by body type” feature is very helpful. You can choose to search for sedans, minivans, convertibles, or SUVs. Hertz does not buy from all manufacturers or have all models available at each location. Their available inventory changes frequently. If you don’t see the car you want today, check back next week for more used cars to choose from on their site.

Most Hertz used cars are one or two years old. Mileage is typically 25,000 to 40,000 miles. Some of these used cars often have great used car values depending on their car history. Like all car rental agencies, Hertz is meticulous about their auto repairs and maintenance, but doesn’t provide car service records to buyers.

Hertz offers a program called Rent2Buy. Once you have settled on a used car you would like to buy, you can reserve it for a 3-day rental for approximately $49 per day. If you like the car and want to buy it, you can let Hertz know online that you want to buy the used car. An agent will call you to arrange the paperwork. There is no cost for the rental if you decide to buy. If you know that the car is not right for you within the first two hours, you can take it back to the car rental location and there is no charge.

Hertz offers a 60-day, 2000 mile limited warranty on all of the used cars they sell. They do not offer a certified pre-owned program, but all of their cars were available for rental prior to being offered for sale. This allows you plenty of time to have your mechanic or automotive repair shop inspect the car. Hertz doesn’t offer as many payment options as a retail automobile dealer, so it is not a great place to shop for people with bad credit. However, Hertz does offer financing through third-party providers like Chase and Bank of America.

Hertz Car Sales locations are in 30 US states. They are opening new locations all the time. If you are in the market for a late model used car, check out the Hertz Car Sale website. It is a great site to find a good used car value on your next used car.

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