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by Don Elliott on July 7, 2011

Most automotive search sites like,, and are listing services for both new and used car dealers and private sellers. Buyers can search for new and used cars and then meet the seller in person., or more specifically eBay Motors, is a bidding site where buyers can bid on vehicles until the high bid is either accepted or rejected by the car seller.

eBay Motors gives car sellers two additional options besides bidding. Car bidders can either choose to “Make Offer” or “Buy It Now.” At first glance, the bidding process appears to be very simple. First, figure out how much you want to spend. If the “Buy It Now” price is acceptable, click the button and the car is yours. Why should you “Buy It Now” rather than bid? If the car has a good used car value at a great price, bidding can often exceed the “Buy It Now” price. This makes the “Buy It Now” a better choice. However, it is not that simple.

Doing your homework when buying a car on eBay Motors can make the difference between a good used car value and a very bad experience.

1  Don’t be too anxious. A car sells every 90 seconds on eBay. You will have plenty of car choices.

2  Check out the car seller. Use the eBay buyer tools to get feedback on the car dealer or private party from previous transactions.

3  Call the seller. Ask questions about the car, the seller, and how the deal would be handled.

4  Check online pricing guides like and Kelley Blue Book to determine the right price.

5  Ask the seller if they will let you out of the deal if the used car is not as presented on eBay.

6  Consider the cost to get the car home from the seller’s location. 74% of the cars sold on eBay are interstate transactions. It is usually best to travel and pick up the car. Then you can make sure it is in the same condition as it was offered.

7  Make sure to get a vehicle history report. Ebay has a deal with AutoCheck to provide vehicle history reports to the seller. Therefore, vehicle history reports are free to the buyer. CARFAX is available for an additional cost.

8  If possible, have the used car checked out by a third party before placing your bid.

eBay charges the car seller $40 to post the car for sale. They make an additional $40 if the car sells online. A variety of additional services are available on the site including links to financing, transportation, and funds transaction services. One link goes to PayPal, a way to send funds without giving your financial information. Be sure to check PayPal limits for car transactions.

eBay may be tricky to learn at first. However, do your research and you will soon find vehicles with great used car values on the site.

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