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by Don Elliott on June 29, 2011 is the place to go for vehicle history reports. Did you know that is also an excellent resource to find good quality used car values?

Car dealers, auto auction sellers, and individuals can post cars to the CARFAX site. CARFAX requires all of the posters to run a CARFAX vehicle history report. Buyers can see each vehicle’s CARFAX report to determine if the car is right for them.

Shoppers can search for vehicles by year, make and model. Car shoppers can also determine how far they would need to travel to look at the cars. For example, a recent search within 50 miles of my zip code for a 2006-2008 Chevrolet Impala turned up 360 cars. Your search can be refined further to include only “1-Owner Vehicles”.

The CARFAX Buyback Guarantee is included with every car listed on the site. Specifically, “If you buy one of these cars and find one of many major title problems – such as salvaged or junk title, flood or fire damaged title, or a lemon title – CARFAX will buy back your vehicle – guaranteed!” Details, including questions about guaranteed covered odometer problems, are posted on the website.

The majority of used cars posted on are at car dealerships. Many dealers are members of the CARFAX Advantage program. This program enables them to run CARFAX reports on all of the cars on their lot. They are also able to run a CARFAX on trade-ins and other wholesale purchases before offering them to their retail customers.

Shoppers are able to contact the seller directly from the CARFAX website with questions about any specific vehicle. Buyers can also make an appointment to inspect and test drive the car. They can also browse the dealer’s website via a link provided on the CARFAX site.

CARFAX uses the information obtained by the vehicle history report to estimate a dollar amount above or below the retail book value (not the seller’s asking price). The customer should expect this when negotiating a deal on the car. The car dealer may have already considered the information used to calculate the variance from retail book value when establishing their retail asking price.

CARFAX offers one additional differentiator on the website that isn’t found at other sites. The CARFAX Consumer Ratings & Comments section allows shoppers to add comments about the cars they have seen for sale and/or have test driven. These comments act as a guide for other shoppers. Asking for the CARFAX is easy when using this website. It is available for free on all of the cars posted, so do your research to get a good used car value.

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